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Gate Motor Johannesburg

Gate Motor Engineers You Can Trust

Gate Motor Johannesburg started as a family company by three brothers qualified in three main faculties including electrical, mechanical and manufacturing. The company was registered in 1998 and today is among the most trusted company in Johannesburg.

The company manufactures and supplies gate motors according to specifications. Our major client has provided us with a platform to offer cutting edge gate motors that are now available to the general public!

Gate Motor Services You Can Count On!

Gate Motor Johannesburg is well aware of many fraud companies that have ripped people off and we guarantee our customers with a workmanship guarantee that covers your repair costs for free for 1 year!

We have been providing gate motor installation for different types of applications and individual customer preferences. No matter what your needs we always offer the best in quality gate motor services:

  • Specialists in Gate Motor Installation:- We provide you with gate motor specialists who will ensure to fulfill your every need. Our team works to ensure a quick and tidy installation and supervisors ensure that your project goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Affordable Gate Motor Maintenance:- At Gate Motor Johannesburg we provide once off gate maintenance urgent calls or a payment plan ranging from 6 to 12 months with the lowest rates in the city.
  • Gate Motor Custom Services:- We offer Gate Motor Services Tailored to suit your individual need. Depending on the type of gate you are installing we can integrate your gate system with any other systems you may in place such as CCTV’s.

Gate Motor Johannesburg makes it extra convenient to get your gate motor running well especially on rainy days when your gate starts acting up you know you have a team of experienced and qualified engineers who got your back!

Looking to get more from your gate? At Gate Motor Johannesburg we can help you get practical with your gate plans so feel free to get in touch with us today for a free quote based on your current requirements.